Unique Ideas for Wedding Invitations



As we live in today`s world, we lost many assumptions of the regular habits of our life`s rituals, which is caused by the modern technology and its unlimited growth, but many people try to keep things on its usual tradition and order, the touch of tradition is still out there, kept by ordinary and sentimental persons, this touch have a positive impact on everything within our lives, and it is always right to keep ourselves following these good traditions.

One of our beautiful human traditions that we always try to keep is the wedding invitation.

In today`s world it is easy to invite everybody to your wedding ceremony via e-mail, or by creating an event on a social media networks such as Facebook.

But for certain people, this act can miss the soul of the event itself, a wedding invitation made of customized paper or other materials, always carry an essence from the soul of the event, it carries some personal message for the invited person, as most of the times it means “I want to invite you specially and personally”, that would have a lot of positive effect towards the relation between people.

Choosing a wedding invitation is a hard decision, you ought to choose between many options, which are available at the stores, and for that reason; we have collected for you some nice and unique ideas for wedding invitations, which you can choose for your wedding event.



  • The calendar invitation:


This is a very good idea, as it reminds the invited with the date, because on its design, the primary element is the event date itself, there are various designs for these kinds of calendar you can choose from, whether you can change the paper type or the calendar style.

Source: Save the Date Calendar.

  • The Wax Seal Stamp:


It can be placed as a wax stamp on the invitation, a seal which shows written words that carry messages of gratitude, love, or maybe a name of a person!

Source: Wax Seal Stamp.

  • Post card invitation:


Making a wedding invitation as a post card is cool, as you can see it has many elements within, such as the place`s map, the names, info, and a part to confirm the RSVP.

This design can be made of cartoon paper or other solid paper materials, and the cost is limited, as it can be made with ordinary printing methods.

  • Burlap and Wood custom invitation:


Despite its cost, but this kind of invitation is unique, also it is made off some nature elements, so if you are going to make the wedding in a natural or a country place, this invitation is a great choice for you.

Source: Eco Burlap Rustic Country Laser cut Wood Wedding Invitation Suite.

  • Game Spinner Save the Date:


This is really unique, a game spinner that wedding  guests can participate in, and it is perfect for couples, as it carries many cooperating activities!

Source: Game Spinner save the Date.

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