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Traditions and Meanings of Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is one of the most performed acts by humans over the ages of human mankind in all over the world. The wedding present the legalization and the announcement of the gathering of two souls in one essence, by their marriage, they decided to continue their lives together, sharing in one place, walking in […]


Tips for Creative Wedding Decorations

A wedding is a glorious event for the bride and the groom, their families, and their friends, most people tend to live this event as a special moment that comes once in a lifetime. One of the main factors of a successful wedding is the decorations, as the style of decorations can represent many concepts […]


Unique Ideas for Wedding Invitations

  As we live in today`s world, we lost many assumptions of the regular habits of our life`s rituals, which is caused by the modern technology and its unlimited growth, but many people try to keep things on its usual tradition and order, the touch of tradition is still out there, kept by ordinary and […]